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Kegane Rynes Profile

Hi, I'm Kegane; a Southern Wisconsin Artist who loves to create things to make life more enjoyable. I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls and am married to my number 1 fan. My husband motivated me to push myself into a career I love. I was skeptical at first but secretly dug deeper into his idea and I found that I really have what it takes to make my dream of being a full time artist come true. 

I began my passion for art like you'd suspect, in art class. I adored all of my teachers and they never turned down a silly idea I had or made me feel like my art wasn't perfect (no matter how ugly my vase with a human nose was). 

Fast forward to my late 20's and I had the need for more in my life than a corporate office job. I decided to start my own paint party business, which was a hit until Covid. I put that passion on the back burner to have my last child and further work on my plan to be my own boss. I still do paint parties but my newest love is murals. My family helped me begin my journey by painting murals for them in their homes. 

Thank you for visiting my website! 

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